How We're Implementing What We Heard

The Sugar House district is aligned between two parks and has incredible views of the Wasatch Mountains. It is a sought-after neighborhood that includes a mix of housing, shopping, and recreation opportunities. While the property has great interstate access for vehicle traffic, the public would like to see designs that reduce congestion, increase parking, and create pedestrian corridors to reinforce existing retail activity and maintain the character in the area. We believe that bringing high-end office spaces to the parcel will attract an educated and affluent workforce and new daytime customers for existing businesses.

Here is how we are implementing some of the key ideas from the Sugar House design guidelines.

Sugar House Project Map
  1. New street with wide pedestrian sidewalks, benches, and plantings.
  2. Enhanced connections and bike paths to transit and trails.
  3. Connections between activity centers and blocks within Sugar House.
  4. Ample parking with a below ground structure.
  5. Improved traffic circulation from interstate on-ramp into the Sugar House district.
  6. Design of buildings to be attractive on all four sides (ie: no back sides of buildings).
  7. Lighting and landscaping to preserve the historic character of the streetscape.
  8. Prominent landmark along new street.
  9. Public art along the new street connecting 1300 East to Highland Drive.

Stay involved! We will share new developments about the project as they become available.

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