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In addition to key themes from our initial engagement in December 2016, we worked with community leaders, Salt Lake City decision makers, members of the Sugar House Community Council, and the Salt Lake City Planning Department to get feedback on land use, building design, engagement, and connectivity between the project and the greater Sugar House community. Additional improvements were made to the project design based on input we received through June 2017.


Sugar House Project Map

Implementation of Key Ideas from the Sugar House Design Guidelines

  1. New street with wide pedestrian sidewalks, benches, and plantings.
  2. Enhanced connections and bike paths to transit and trails.
  3. Connections between activity centers and blocks within Sugar House.
  4. Ample parking with a below ground structure.
  5. Public art along the new street connecting 1300 East to Highland Drive.
  1. Design of buildings to be attractive on all four sides (ie: no back sides of buildings).
  2. Lighting and landscaping to preserve the historic character of the streetscape.
  3. Prominent landmark along new street.
  4. Public art along the new street connecting 1300 East to Highland Drive.

Additional Improvements from Stakeholder Outreach and SLC Planning Open Houses

  1. A prominent entrance to the retail level of the office building from the new street.
  2. Public art, walkways, and gathering spaces between the office buildings.
  3. Brick, awnings, and additional detailing on office buildings to provide visual variety to the development.
  4. Crosswalks from the office buildings to the Sugar House shopping district.
  1. Window displays along the sidewalk to engage pedestrian traffic along the new street.
  2. Local retail attached to the residential building with limited outdoor seating.
  3. Community art gallery space.

Stay involved! We will share new developments about the project as they become available.

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